• Rahul Bagad

    Rahul Bagad


  • Gary A. Stafford

    Gary A. Stafford

    AWS Senior Solutions Architect | AWS Certified Pro | Polyglot Developer | Data Analytics | DataOps | DevOps

  • Karun Japhet

    Karun Japhet

    Karun is a human. Writes code at Sahaj Software. Speaks publicly about scaling software, testing, CD & ML. ❤️ riding motorcycles and playing CS:GO.

  • Anupam Kundu

    Anupam Kundu

    Polymath: dad, co-founder, strategist, Computer Vision enthusiast, visual thinker and dog lover.

  • Sanjoy Bose

    Sanjoy Bose

  • Miłosz Tadrzak

    Miłosz Tadrzak

  • Priyank Gupta

    Priyank Gupta

    A pair of problem solving hands at Sahaj

  • KPR


    Big Data Engineer

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